Construction Health

Health & Wellbeing in the Construction Industry. Surveys and research are putting the

spotlighton mental health and wellbeing in construction, with suggestions that heavy drinking, illicit drug use and mental health problems can be higher (by percentage of workers) than most other industries.

Engineer your effective solution. Supportive leadership and having the right tools and people to help you are part of the solution, in managing the risks and improving wellbeing. YES can help you determine a plan of action that covers the following key topics:

  • Surveying the site (need analysis): Mental Health in Construction today
  • What do we want to Build (strategic goals): Mentally Healthy Workplaces
  • Bringing it in on budget (practical business cases): ROI and Business Case
  • Ordering the right materials (construct & plan) : Advice and Resources
  • The Right tools for the job (proven interventions): What works and who should provide it
  • Case studies of success
  • Ways to maximise your ROI
On-site and on-the-ball. A number of our lead consultants have years of experience supporting people, leaders and workplaces within the construction, mines and energy industry.

ASK YES about how we can help you engineer and construct a program that built for your purposes.

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