Application - YES Associate/Provider Network

The following application is designed for recruitment and on-boarding of Psychologists. If your experience lies within other professional arenas and you're interested in working with YES, please feel free to contact us.

1. Application to join the YES Associate/Provider Network

* Full Name
* Email Address
* Phone Number
* Registration Number (AHPRA)
* Please indicate your registration status and/or practice endorsements in psychology

For applicants outside of Australia, please describe your specific registration details and number
* The year you commenced practice as a registered psychologist
* Indicate the areas of practice you're proficient in and interested in providing to YES

* Tick which of the following you may also be interested in providing

* What are your areas of expertise in the practice of psychology and consulting?
* List any relevant qualifications, experience & achievements that demonstrate your suitability to this role
* Exclusions: what type of service, referral or customers do you NOT wish to be referred? (you are not required to give reasons)
* What can YES do to support you as an Associate and help you maintain your wellbeing and enthusiasm for this type of work?

2. Checklist

* Indicate if you have the following documents/information available to send to us

3. Practice Details

* Your practice address(s) / Locations
Note any special directions for clients to help find your rooms (eg landmarks)
* Your practice phone number
* Your practice email address
Your availability for appointments
* Ideally, how many jobs or referrals would you like to receive from YES per month

4. Business Details for Invoicing Purposes

Your Full Business Name (who will be invoicing YES?)
Your ABN
Your bank account details: BSB number and Account Number
Are you registered for GST?

Please note any special considerations or details we may need to know in order to do effective and efficient business with you

Press 'Submit' below when completed


REMEMBER to email us the following documentation:

Email to:

  • Proof of current registration
  • Proof of 'practice endorsement' in psychology (where applicable)
  • Proof of current professional indemnity insurance
  • Your professional CV/Resume
  • Name and phone number of 2 professional referees
  • Any other relevant documents discussed between you and YES
This application is part of a quality on-boarding process that includes interviews, suitability checks, comprehensive induction, supervision, probation and case review.