ASK YES about the services and programs that can assist you:
  • Change and culture management consulting for your organisation
  • Support and change resilience programs for teams going through change, such as: Mergers, Upsizing, Acquisitions; Moving buildings, locations, areas; Changing tasks, services, process and brand/identity; Downsizing and redundancies.
  • On-site support for change-related announcements (eg redundancies)
  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Vocational assessments for career planning, transitions and redeployment
  • Retain workers eligible for retirement with supported phased-retirement programs
Change and transition are normal parts of a rich and meaningful life and occur regularly at home and work settings in order for people and systems to survive and grow.

Yet change will impact each person differently and significantly. More frequently these days, organisations are seeking assistance with identifying and enhancing the change readiness and change resilience of their people.

Both Planned & Unplanned changes will still require our time and effort to absorb details, re-set goals, plan for the future and problem-solve along the way. Maintaining people's wellbeing, motivation and engagement during times of change remains a key objective of change management processes.