Training & Development Programs

A selection of topics which can be tailored to suit brief or full-day workshop designs. Individual coaching before, during and after, can also add exceptional value and drive transfer of learning.

  • Flourishing through times of Change
  • Resilience, Stress Management & Wellbeing
  • Composure & Mindfulness Practices for Performance and Wellbeing
  • Dealing with Difficult and Emotional Behaviours
  • Constructive Conversations - Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Emotional Intelligence and Communication
  • Performance Management Conversations
  • START at Conversation - early intervention and important conversations
  • Managing Conflict - Early Intervention Conflict Management
  • Psychological First Aid and Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Are you Ready? - Organisational Preparedness Training for Critical Incidents
  • Next of Kin Notification Training - delivering difficult news
  • Mentoring at Work
  • Step Up Future Leaders - transition to leadership
  • Agile Performance through Super Awareness

Training & Development can provide a fast and effective way to support and up-skill your people and teams. Topics related to interpersonal and personal effectiveness are frequently requested by organisations to meet the constant demand of preparing employees to deal with workload, change, customer interactions and the potential pressures of the job. Programs (Training and Workshops) that are designed and matched to your team?s culture and needs, and that are engaging, practical and credible, will get the best results

Your Effective Seminar

We can also help you deliver an engaging and informative conference, seminar or annual professional development day for your leaders and employees.

Here are some ideas:
  • Infotainment sessions - a fun, informative and interactive session on an important topic related to effectiveness (leave with a smile on your face and some more knowledge)
  • Motivational sessions - a positive, motivating or energising session as part of your conference or meetings (leave with some inspiration and acknowledgement of your passion)
  • Relaxing sessions - a relaxing and enjoyable session with practical demonstrations of mindfulness and other composure strategies (leave with feeling of calm and quick relaxation methods)
  • Facilitation sessions - a facilitator to be there, for you, to help you determine your desired outcomes, guide an effective process, capture key learnings, provide objective input and suggestions and help you follow up on actions with a plan.