YES Consultants & Expert Panel

YES is powered by a combination of clinical and organisational psychology, and expertise in the leadership, human services and health fields.

Our leaders have decades of real-life experience as both practitioners and managers, assisting a wide variety of customers and industries over the years, including Water, Construction, Mines, Energy, Local and State Government, Education, Health, Banking and Finance, Law, Logistics, Customer and Human Services, Emergency Services and Public Safety. From city to country, from home to FIFO, boardroom to 'crib room', Hiltons to Camps.... we have a grounded sense of the real world of work.

Further to the core team in Brisbane CBD, YES engages a network of proven performers to help deliver ?your effective solution?.

Leadership Team

Kash Thomson YES Psychology & ConsultingKash Thomson - Psychologist: Director

  • Leadership, Training, Change, Performance, Quality, Trauma, Resilience, Adult Psychology.

Tania Raghavan YES Psychology & ConsultingTania Raghavan - Psychologist: Director

  • Fitness for Duty, Adult Mental Health, Rehabilitation, Leadership, Training, Mediation, Counselling, Early Intervention.

Bernie Scully YES Psychology & ConsultingDr Bernie Scully PhD - Psychologist: Director

  • Leadership, Management Consulting, Coaching, Trauma and Critical Incident Management, Employee Wellbeing, Adult Psychology.

Greg Dean YES Psychology & ConsultingGreg Dean. Psychologist: Director
  • Leadership, Organisational Development, Performance, Culture, Strategy, Change, Facilitation


Dr Joanne Oram PhD – Clinical Neuropsychologist: Senior Consultant
  • Neuropsychology, Psychological Assessments, Fitness for Work, Training, Leadership.

Dr Tara Fox PhD – Clinical Psychologist: Senior Consultant
  • Child, Youth & Family Psychology, Training, Research, Change Management, Systems.