FREE Leadership Pulse Check Survey 2020

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At YES Psychology & Consulting, we have always been committed to best practice, evidence-based leadership and wellness solutions to assist individuals, teams and organisations thrive and prosper.

Over the past month, we have had the opportunity to observe the different types of leadership practices organisations are implementing to best support their people and maintain their business. Whilst it is fantastic to see some of the great behaviours leaders and companies are displaying, we are really interested in how this momentum can be maintained post Covid-19.

To that end we are conducting research in a number of organisations into what leadership behaviours are having the biggest positive impact and what people perceive still needs to occur. This is occurring via a brief online survey with optional participant follow up. We are pleased to offer your organisation the opportunity to participate in this process at no cost.What it requires from you:

Provide the survey link to staff and leaders in your organisation, with communication (provided by YES Psychology) around confidentiality and the value of participating.

What you will gain from this complimentary process:

  • A brief summary report on the outcomes from your organisation
  • A broader report of the trends across all participating organisations
  • Tips for improving leadership practice
We are excited about contributing to the future of leadership and wellness in Australia and hope that you will join us to be a part of it.

Please contact Greg Dean to participate or for any questions: