Introducing Mindfulness to the Workplace

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular and for good reasons - it's not a fad, it's revealing long lasting benefits. While the benefits of mindfulness are already realised and practiced by many, a significant proportion of the workforce just don't have a sense of what it is; how easy it can be; and how it is a real tool to achieving organisational outcomes.

This is an engaging and interactive session demonstrating brief exercises that are mobile and discreet. Tips covered include: how to demystify mindfulness, transferring mindfulness into everyday life, making it mobile, how to appeal to different workplace cultures, how to increase the likelihood that employees practice mindfulness. Kash will share examples of how mindfulness can be introduced to blue-collar and white-collar workforces, and how it can be linked to safety and situational awareness.

Kash will field questions about the research and utility of mindfulness in terms of how it can enhance employee productivity, attention regulation, resilience and wellbeing and how mindfulness training can form a ready component of a mentally healthy workplace program. Additionally, delegates may be curious about the applications of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapies in assisting employees with mental health issues including stress, depression and anxiety. The session aims to be informative and enjoyable.

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