About YES

"You CAN get good help these days".

YES Psychology & Consulting Pty Ltd is a corporate psychology firm delivering programs and solutions for individual and organisational effectiveness.

YES Consultants & Expert Panel

We are a team of bright professionals, who use business know-how and contemporary psychology to help you improve performance and reduce cost. We help to empower organisations and individuals to thrive under all conditions.

We collaborate to establish your effective solution - raising performance, wellbeing and satisfaction to the resilience level.

Our approach - a series of important conversations, merging to design and deliver your effective solution.

We employ evidence-based, results-driven methods, informed from years of practice in the business, health, human services and clinical fields. We are passionate about people and performance.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Quality consultation can help you to reach goals, enhance performance, solve problems, improve customer relations and the bottom line. Ask us how

Our Philosophy of Professional Practice:

  • Customer focus - careful, tailored and responsive interventions
  • Client focus – caring and professional service to meet individual needs
  • Outcomes focus – desired outcomes are mapped and targeted in planning and provision
  • Relationship - working together, we build trust, depth and knowledge
  • Value - connecting to the mission, meaning, value and purpose
  • Confidentiality – privacy and confidentiality at all levels of service
  • Professional Competence – services informed by contemporary psychology, science, and research; effective solutions and competent consultants
  • Quality - quality assurance practices and registered and quality assured consultants
  • Neutrality – a dual-client relationship (customer organisation and employees)
  • Independence – an external firm providing services, without conflict of interest
  • Access – making it easy for organisations and clients to access quality support
  • Health promotion – providing services to promote and manage health and wellbeing
  • Responsibility – health and safety, duty of care and continuity of care
  • Social Responsibility - mindful practices; attention to community, sustainability, culture, diversity, history, environment, and future.


YES Psychology & Consulting employs the talents of registered professionals and experienced leaders in our fields. Our services are delivered by Psychologists.

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In order to understand and deliver your effective solution, our consultants maintain a standard of practice that is:

  • Collaborative – we listen and work with you to tailor your solutions
  • Effective – we are evidence-based, results-driven, solution-focused
  • Experienced – we are knowledge managers, with life experience
  • Professional – we are ethical, caring and confidential
  • Reliable – we are available, consistent and resilient
  • Engaging - we are enthusiastic, curious and energised
  • Agile – we are flexible, responsive and innovative