Health & Wellbeing Information

Learning about Health and Wellbeing, and seeking the right sort of help, is one important step in achieving your health and wellbeing goal, or resolving your health and wellbeing concern. Sometimes there are barriers in the way - including lack of awareness, knowledge, motivation, planning, resources or support. Seeking the help of a health professional can accelerate your understanding of what's needed, create a support crew around you and identify the actions you can take and habits you can form to support your health and wellbeing. The following links provide you access to contemporary information and sources of support.


Body-Mass Index Calculators
HANDOUTS - (click the links below to read/download)
  • This handout called "Habits of Behaviour that support Health & Wellbeing" includes information on the basic habits for health, the Stages of Change (motivation), the types of information and support that can help and a list of areas of need or concern for health and wellbeing. Typically this sort of tip sheet is used in consultation with you, to explore your health goals and needs.
  • This "Peak Performance and Wellbeing Behavioural Plan" summaries a list of habits and actions you can select to add into your life to support overall health and wellbeing, healthy relationships and a sense of engagement with life.

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