Mentally Healthy Workplaces

A mentally healthy workplace can be conceptualised as one in which risk factors are acknowledged and appropriate action taken to minimise their potential negative impact on an individual's mental health. At the same time protective or resilience factors are fostered and maximised.

Mental health in the workplace is multifaceted and each workplace will have different risk and protective factors for mental health.

Using an effective process consulting model,
YES Psychology & Consulting can help you design, deliver and review a Mentally Healthy Workplace program for your organisation. The five services (phases) of a total program typically include:

1. Mentally Healthy Workplace Strategy (Process Design)

  • Consultation & Design:
  • Facilitated collaborative discussions and expert advice
  • Interpretation of metrics
  • Needs assessments (incl. risks and protective factors) and recommendations
- Tailor initiatives to the organisation's culture and strategy.
- Maximise engagement and ROI.

2. Mental Health Awareness Sessions (& related topics, such as stress management)
  • Education sessions:
  • Regular rollout of information sessions – interactive and fun where practical
  • Building mental health and resilience - practical skills development
- Reduce stigma
- Increase early intervention
- Encourage help seeking
- Promote healthy behaviours

3. Leading Mental Health at Work (Program)
  • Training & Coaching:
  • 1-day workshop for leaders and
  • 1:1 coaching sessions
- Increase leaders' ability to intervene early, and hold wellbeing conversations.
- Increase leadership confidence and competence.

4. Wellbeing REPS (Peer Support Programs)
  • Training & Supervision:
  • 3-day training program
  • Selection process
  • Supervision support
  • Annual review
- Increase the organisation's capability to respond to arising mental health issues.
- Support employee engagement in workplace wellbeing initiatives.

5. Planning interventions and Delivery Support
  • Assistance with action planning and tailoring to the needs and culture of your people, which may include one or more of these recommended interventions:
  1. Designing and managing work to minimise harm
  2. Promoting protective factors at a team and organisational level to maximise resilience
  3. Enhancing personal resilience, generally and for those at risk
  4. Promoting and facilitating early help-seeking
  5. Supporting workers' recovery from mental illness
  6. Increasing awareness of mental illness and reducing stigma
- Increase likelihood of program success and ROI, based on reducing risk factors.
- Increase likelihood of program success by using a multi-component approach, supported by organisational policy and procedures.

Why choose YES? Our consulting services and programs are informed by Australian best-practices guidelines and experience in the delivery of mental health interventions, supervision, training and working knowledge of some of the most long-term and well-regarded peer-support programs (including QLD Fire, Police and Ambulance).