Wellbeing Reps (Peer Supporters)

Wellbeing REPS are trained and supervised peer-supporters, who can champion your workplace wellbeing initiatives, act as a referral point, and provide basic mental health first aid for peers. Developing a team of Wellbeing REPS in your own workforce can build your organisation's capacity to deliver mental health and wellbeing programs and preparedness for critical incidents.

Carefully-selected Wellbeing REPS are easily accessible and credible team mates.


Program Design & Delivery. An effective and sustainable Wellbeing REPS Program includes:
  • Development of the selection protocol and induction process
  • Training workshops in Wellbeing REPS skills (Resilience-Encouragers, Peer-Supporters)
  • Ongoing support and supervision process of the selected Wellbeing REPS
  • Annual check-ins and re-application of Wellbeing REPS roles
Training workshops include:
  • Clarifying what your Wellbeing REPS role 'is' and 'is not'
  • Role modelling responsible, ethical and professional behaviour
  • Championing proactive mental health, resilience and wellbeing activities
  • Psychological First Aid Tools – what to do and say when someone's in crisis
  • Handling difficult conversations and behaviours
  • Managing boundaries, confidentiality and being neutral (not advocating)
  • Compassion, clear thinking and effective decision-making
  • Self-care and switching-off skills