Rapid Wellbeing Reports [24 hrs]

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Rapid Screening and Reporting for Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Mental Health Screening (self-report survey using the K10)
  • Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours & Strengths
  • Stress Management & Coping Style
  • Areas of Concern and Motivation to Change
  • Recommendations and immediate self-help tips

How it works

  • Obtain the referral password from your referring Doctor or Specialist
  • Read and agree to disclaimer, terms and conditions
  • Select and complete your CHOICE of survey below - use the password
  • Results emailed to you, typically within 24 hours of being received (up to 48 hours)
  • We confirm you have received results and avenues for professional support
  • Need HELP NOW? Contact your Doctor and/or click for Helping Resources
  • Download Rapid Report Login Instruction Sheet & Disclaimer for Clients and Patients

Rapid Reports List (online surveys)

Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions (in brief): This wellbeing screening survey and report is NOT a formal psychological assessment, diagnosis or treatment, and should not be used in isolation for mental health assistance. This service may be used as part of a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan. Your results are reviewed and prepared by a registered psychologist. We ask for some personal information so that we can identify you and ensure you have received and understood your results and the avenues for access to further professional services. CONFIDENTIAL, as your information goes directly to the secure inbox of YES Psychology, under strict guidelines and cannot be released to any other party, except yourself and those you give explicit content to release to (further explanation about privacy and record keeping).

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